Tour of Scotland – Part 2

Day 2 and I started off with a fry up, and rode up to Glasgow.  The journey was pretty straightforward, the roads leading into it are pretty vast.

The day was good, and my first port of call was Partick.  This is where my great grandmother, my great grandfathers second wife was from, even though I have a hunch that she was born in Govan.

Anyway, I got to Partick, and I thought it was pretty nice, abd I seen th church/chapel that my great grandparents gof married in.

After that, I went to an address, that my great grandmother had lived at.  When I got there I knew straightaway that the area was virtually all new.

Green grass, fancy apartments, fuel station, all looked modern, but I felt that it was pretty soulless, and devoid of any character.  I suppose that’s the way things develop over time.

I spent the rest of my time riding around Glasgow, and like all big cities, part’s looked nice, and other parts looked drab.  I passed through the area that Malcolm and Angus Young had initially grew up in before they emigrated to Australia.

I then got my bike parked up, and walked to my hostel.  The city centre was really warm, and in part’s of it it felt slightly dark and claustrophobic.

The hostel itself was okay, I shared the dorm room with four others, two Americans, and two dutch guy’s.

We all got talking about why we were travelling, and I’m glad the two Dutch guys changed my mind in terms of the following days route, which I will talk about in the next post.

I got a few beers in the hostel, then got an early night.  Glasgow as a place to visit, I would definitely recommend, as it is well connected, as far as transport and road network is concerned, and although its drab in places, there is plenty to see, but you would need your “city smarts” like any of the bigger cities.