My tour of the USA – New York

Part 2

New York

On the 3rd day, I got the bus down from Boston to New York, passing through Connecticut on the way down. The journey was pretty uneventful, even though it got super busy as we got closer to NYC.

The bus driver spoke a few times through the intercom, he seemed pretty engaging, even though I couldn’t help but think he sounded like a Mafioso at times. A bit of a stereotype, but the guys voice had character. We passed by the Bronx, and the apartment blocks were HUGE, then got through Harlem, before we reached the city centre.

Everyone, everything was super busy, but I was okay with that, I didn’t find anyone overtly rude, just busy, which was a surprise. I then found my hostel, got my stuff left off, and went for a walkabout, everything seemed so damn big, got a bite to eat, form the on street stalls, but ended up getting the runs, and had to leg it back to my hostel pronto, bit embarassing.

The following day, I went for a walkabout, went up to the top of Empire State Building, amazing views, also went to the hotel where scientist Nikola Tesla had stayed, The New Yorker. Although the nice weather helped, I thought there was a really good vibe, a great atmosphere, everyone seemed positive.

Madison Square Gardens seemed nice too, and I still felt that, although people were super busy, I didn’t get anyone who was ignorant. A couple of times I had to ask for directions, and those people helped me get to where I was going to.

I seen the new World Trade Centre, also seen the memorial, which was poignant, and like a lot things of New York, it was vast in size.

The pizzas here are something else! I’ve been to Milan, and I might sound like a philistine, but the NYC pizzas are in a different league! Later that night, I went out in the east side, doing a pub crawl, it was really good, had a good time, less said about getting back to my hostel, the better, a complete pain in the arse.

The last day I was in Brooklyn, and the view across to Manhattan was amazing, and although I only seen parts of NYC, I would definitely go back in a heartbeat.