Tour of Scotland – part 5

Day 5 started off in Dundee,  nothing wrong with the place,  just wouldn’t be in a rush to go back there. The road down to Edinburgh was pretty good,  some nice views to had on the way down, I intended on going to Knockhill, but ended up riding through a wee place called Kelty, and got some fuel at a wee garage called North Road Garage.   I also got to ride over Forth Road Bridge.

I landed in Edinburgh in the afternoon,  went to my accommodation,  which turned out to be seasonal steel containers,  with bunk beds inside them.   Price wise, it was dirt cheap, and it was handy to a nearby Asda and some shopping centre there.

Adfter i got settle it, I got suited and booted up, and headed into town, got a few beers, and went to some comedy show (by accident),  a couple of guys talking about wrestling, with some screen behind them to show funny videos, it was surprisingly enjoyable, then got an earlyish night, to get set for the next days journey.


Tour of Scotland – Part 4

The 4th started not so good, initially I thought the bike wouldn’t start up, got it going, still running like a camel, I passed through Aberdeen, it seemed nice enough, probably didn’t stay long enough to appreciate it.

I stopped off in Stonehaven too, nice place too, but probably only a place you would call in if you’re in the area. I blatttered on down the main dual carriageway, and couldn’t help but notice that the average speed cameras were a bit of a pain, traffic slowing down, speeding up, kind of ruined the flow of the journey.

I then stopped off in Kirriemuir,  Bon Scotts (ex AC/DC) birthplace, it seemed pretty quiet, and from what I’ve found out since then, there is an actual Bon Scott festival there each year. Above all,  I can now say I’ve been where a legendary singer was born!

I finally landed in Dundee, and figured out what was wrong with the bike. The people that had been working on my bike hadn’t fitted the choke cable correctly,  I got it sorted and it was right as rain.

Dundee itself, it seemed okay, I didn’t really do anything there, the place itself looked a bit grey.   The people I was staying with were friendly enough,  and were pretty helpful too.