Russia (Part 4 – Moscow)

On the Monday morning, I got the train from St Petersburg to Moscow,  I decided to get the super fast train, it was super comfy, the experience was really good, staff were courteous and helpful (coffee tasted nice too), the train was really shifting,  hit speeds in and around of 140 mph.

When I got there,  I got kind of lost, I stopped off in a shop, asked for directions, the young guy I asked for directions, he was super helpful,  got his phone out and showed me where to go,  spaseeba compadre!

I got checked into my digs, staff were super helpful, gave me maps, washed my clothes, unofficially you couldn’t drink there,  but one of the staff offered me a drink,  and made me feel at home.

It seemed in some ways that Moscow was  easier than St Petersburg for English speakers, I was still wary at times,  still having my wits about me, this being a super big city.

One of the people which worked in the hostel was from Uzbekistan, some 4000 km from Moscow, there was also a girl from Siberia, no idea what part, puts things in perspective about places being far away.

I was informed by her and another Russian guy  staying there (who was part americanised) that the way I was pronouncing no in Russian was incorrect.

You see, when westerners learn it we pronounce it “neeyet” , yet it should really be “nn-yet” , then again most people find my accent sounds garbled at the best of times.  I think they laughed even more when I tried to ask them about Russian tv series Brigada, it took them a minute to work out what I was talking about…

The more time I spent there the more I realised that to have a decent look at Moscow,  you would’ve needed a full week,  rather than the 4 days I spent there.

I seen many monuments, actually tried Русский foods, had some meat ball soup, which was nice, a few other things that I couldnt remember now, there is some buffet restaurant chain pronounced moo moo (my my), prices seemed reasonable, and plenty of choice too.

I didnt really head out at night, there wasnt that many staying at the hostel, one or two Finns, they seemed okay, but just done their own thing, I was chatting to an American, think he was from Texas, he seemed a nice enough guy, but he didnt really seem overly keen on heading out.

St Basils cathedral and the Kremlin were a sight to behold, so, so many other places to see here.   I walked down The Arbat, an old street, that has a lot of history tied into it.  There wasnt much happening when I was there, probably because of the time of year.

I would definitely recommend going to Moscow, but I would advise going there when its a bit warmer, and spending a full week there, as its so big.  Some people told me that it was grand looking, but I thought although it had all those grand sights, it seemed a whole lot more industrial, in comparison with St Petersburg.


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