My tour of the USA – Florida


My final leg of my holiday was visiting my uncle in Pensacola, Florida.

The bus journey to Pensacola was pretty uneventful.  One thing I did notice when leaving New Orleans was the homeless living underneath one of the big main roads – still find it hard to take in that a country that is supposedly so wealthy has entire communities living like this.

When I met my uncle, we done various things, the main thing was visiting his on laws down by econfina, a kind of nature reserve.

we went kayaking in the waterway, it was very peaceful, tranquil, the water itself was beautiful, I’ve never seen water so crystal clear.

We had a few beers at the same time, and it has reminded me of the time when my uncle and I went to the off licence in Pensacola.  We encountered probably the biggest shit for brains to ever work behind any counter, in any shop, anywhere.

What happened was this.  We got our beers, waited in the queue, then when my uncle went to pay, the counter guy said “I can’t sell you those beers, you might be buying them for the guy beside you, who might be underage, I need to see his I.D”.
My uncle was kind of pissed with this guy, so to save any aggro, I showed him my I.D, and we paid for our beer.  To me, I thought it was the height of bureaucracy, everything by the book, a complete and utter pain in the ass.

Back to the holiday, we also  went to a proper Mexican restaurant, the food there was great, seen Pensacola beach, visited an air force museum too.  I also went inside a gun shop, I thought the whole experience was surreal, as they , only in America…

All the guns you could think of, they were there, totally nuts!

I then got an overnight bus down to Orlando where I would be flying back to Dublin from.

One thing I noticed about the buses was that considering the distances travelled, they were pretty good value for money.

Orlando, as a place, seemed nice, but I wouldn’t say that I warmed to it.  Pretty warm though, sweat was running down my back.

The flight back was pretty straightforward, but it was a bit difficult getting any sleep.

Overall, Im glad I can now say I’ve been in the USA, and hopefully sometime in the future I  can do the west coast too.


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