My tour of the USA – Boston


Back towards the end of May 2015, I went on a holiday to the USA, passing through 9 nine different states in doing so. You don’t realise how big America is, until you get there, its like every state is a country itself, they are so, so vast.

Part 1 – Boston

I flew over to Boston, Massachusetts, from Dublin, Ireland on the Tuesday. I had done the online visa thing several months before, it was pretty straightforward, couldn’t really say much more. Getting to the airport, It was initially the same as any other flight, pretty much used to it now, then, this is where things started to get interesting.

Luckily enough, Visa clearance can be done in Dublin airport, but it was, without a doubt, a complete pain in the hole. After the initial security check after I checked my bag in, you had to go through another 3 stages, the same kind of security check, then you had to go through another stage where you got your mugshot taken, as well as fingerprinted, after that bit, you had to wait to get seen by some security guy/woman, who asked you the similar mundane questions about where you were going, then, voilà, they showed you an image of your bag getting checked in, asking if it was yours.

Yes I know, all this is to make things a lot more secure, but I just think its over the top at times.

Getting back to the trip, The flight went smoothly (thank god), got into Boston airport, and got a taxi to my hostel. The taxi guy seemed pretty cool, as for the hostel, it seemed that everyone staying there were a lot younger. After I got checked in, I went for a walk about, strolled through china town, got a ¼ pounder, looked and tasted like a proper burger!

I walked to the park nearby, but felt a little uneasy, as it was getting darker, so I went back to my hostel, and got an early night. The following day, I went for a proper walk about, and ended up getting some head case shouting at me, while I was trying to take pictures of a street, thinking I was taking a picture of him. Wanker.

The park seemed really nice during daytime, and I walked the freedom trail, and checked out the museums there too. On the way back, I I stopped off at Quincy market, and got some melt thing, with chips, it was nice, and then I sat down in some grassy area in the, what I think was, the financial district of Boston. It seemed nice, but at the same time artificial too, this greenery in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Later on, I went for a few beers in the bar that inspired the TV programme Cheers. Can’t say much about it, other than Sam Adams definitely isn’t to my taste. I stopped off in another bar on my way back, and got some steak and chips, not much chat out of people, I suppose it takes two to tango. Nearly every Boston person I met said “Hey buddy!”, a bit quirky, but every place probably has their own catchphrase, I guess.

As for talking to people in the hostel, I got talking to some Dutch girl who was doing something similar to me, travel wise, except in the opposite direction. I also got talking to some young chinese guy too, who for some strange reason, wanted to take a picture of me to send to his girlfriend (a bit weird sounding, I thought), a sign of flattery maybe, but I don’t think I’m that good looking.

Anyways, I liked Boston, I probably didn’t stay in for long enough to appreciate it, and because of that, I just didn’t love it.


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