Road Trip of Ireland 3

Day 3

The next day, I took a quick ride up in the directions of the Killarney mountains, then decided that I had too much time to make up, and headed in the direction of Limerick. The road in this direction wasn’t too bad, just took a while, what with getting stuck behind horse boxes and things like that.

I then got up to the toll just outside limerick, and gave the bike a burn up the motorway, and stopped off at Ennis. Got a feed here, went into a wee book shop, the guys in it were sound, and got a few books there, need to visit Clare again sometime, pretty place, I remember being down here with my father back in the 90’s.

After that, I headed back out onto the motorway, and the road came to an abrupt end at Gort, a legacy of the so called “credit crunch”, when everything was going tits up, a lot of funding was cut, infrastructure funding was one of those things that had to take a bite of shit sandwich (I have since learned that construction to finish off this last piece has started up again). I then headed into the direction of Athenry, got a bit side tracked, but the place itself looked nice, weather was dry, bit cool, but some interesting architecture about the place.

I got checked into the hotel, but it seems that the hotel has passed through a few hands in its time, and as this was “off season”, there was no staff as such, just a room in a hotel. There was someone who was available to contact if there were any problerms, and she seemed pleasant enough, and the price was cheap, but it seemed a bit laxadaisical.

I got something to eat in a little restaurant, some chicken and chips, seemed nice enough, wouldn’t be exactly raving about it, then i done a bit of a pub crawl. Started off in one bar, not much happening, then in the second bar, 2 people (one was the barman), we talked a bit about Top Gear, then went to bar 3, more of a younger crowd, but hardly anyone in it, some football match was on TV, went to bar 4, and got talking to the few guys that were in it, about football.

I wwent back to the first bar, and got talking to one man about the Fianna Fail Arms crisis in 1970, by this stage, this bar seemed more lively, they brought out hot food for free, I thought this was really good, soaked up the alcohol nicely! I got talking to another guy, and he said that his sister had lived in a wee place called Drumaness, which isnt too far from me, but her husband had passed away, he also said that as Athenry was so close to Galway city, most young people headed out there.

He also said that the tolls on the motorways were a pain in the arse too. I then headed back to the hotel, to get a bit of kip for a long(ish) ride home.

Also, while in the bar I seen a wee donation box for Croí Heart and stroke centre, based in County Galway, Croí being the Irish for heart.


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