Scandinavia and Germany 4


Denmark to Germany – Day 5, 6

I got the early, direct train down to Hamburg, the journey was pretty good, got talking to some American guy/teenager, he was from Florida, and he was telling me how much travelling he had done, and talked about the limited public transport over there. At the very least, it wiled away the hours, and during the journey, I got to experience something unusal – the train went onto a boat, the passengers walked up to the top decks of said boat, and sailed across to the next piece of land, where we went on with our journey.

Once in Hamburg, I just stayed around the train station, as I had to get a connecting train to Berlin. Hamburg station was really busy, trains coming in and out of there, were on time, no dicking about, it comes in at the right time, people get off/get on, and away you go.

The journey down to Berlin was swift, but the rain was very heavy,and when I got there, the station was huge. I ended up getting the S Line down to where I was staying, probably wary of strangers, but I suppose I was just being paranoid. Still, better to be wary than be lackadaisical.

It took me a while finding my hostel, my German was pretty poor, asked for directions in English, might as well have asked a lamppost, as the guy ignored me, but his colleague was more than happy after that, I found I was able to speak some very basic German, but if possible, I just stuck to speaking English if possible.

The hostel was fine, the two Austrian guys in my dorm were pretty sound, I think there was some Spanish guy there too. I went out for a few beers as Johnny no friends, got speaking to an Indonesian guy, who had a German mother, he seemed a nice guy, he was saying that he was back at college, as he lost his job as a chef.

I got talking to some other German guy, he said East and West Germany were united, and together again, but, he gave an example of an east/west divide, in that you could buy a two bedroom apartment in the east of the city for nearly half the price of what you would pay in west Berlin. Crazy when you think of it, still that divide, but I suppose all cities are like that, places that are cheaper, or places that are more expensive.

I ad a few cocktails back at the hostel, and felt a bit wasted the next day, but still went out for a walk, the heat was brutal, I don’t know if it was being hungover, but I felt so warm, I was nearly sick, I do remember being near some chinatown place, and another area called wedding. Other place I seen on my walk were the Jewish graveyard in Berlin, various other churches, including the main Lutheran one, I got to see amazing views of the city from the TV tower too, the place was so vast.

Strangely enough, when I clapped my eyes on Brandenburg Gates, I thought “Is this it?” I’m not saying that they weren’t big, but not anywhere as big as people made them out to be. The Reichstag, on the other hand, was gigantic, as far as buildings go, I didn’t have time to check it out, which was a pity.

I got an early night, exhausted by my endless, and sometimes slightly aimless walks, recharging my batteries for the journey the following day, to Hohenstein-Ernstthal.


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