Scandinavia and Germany 3


Sweden and Denmark – Day 4

I left Stockholm early in the morning, getting the train on down to Copenhagen, admiring the scenery on the way down, we passed through Malmo, I distinctly remember swapping seats with a couple and their child, as it was more convenient for them. From what I could remember, the weather was still good, but still a bit much if you had to haul a backpack around with you.

Copenhagen was pretty, a bit flat, but absolutely swarming with bicycles, there were times when you seen bicycle traffic jams, so busy! There were some nice canals, nice buildings, and a great atmostphere, but I suppose the hot weather helped.

The hostel I stayed in was pretty good, practically a bar with rooms upstairs, beer prices were reasonable in it, I got a pizza in some cafe place not far from it, and it nearly burnt the mouth off of me. Carlsberg tasted okay here, usually I hate it, tastes too much like piss to me. The people staying in my hostel were insteresting, in that two fo the girls were from Finland, and just by chance, they were from the same village/area as my ex girlfriend – small world!

I got to watch the World Cup Semi Final in the hostel, where Germany wiped the floor with Brazil! I didnt get to see much more of Copenhagen, as the next day I was heading on down to Germany.

I would definitely go back to Copenhagen, such a nice place, the following morning, when I was looking at a map, to find where I ws going, a stranger stopped and asked if I needed help, which I thought was really nice, you don’t see much of that anywhere, let along in a big city.


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