Scandinavia and Germany 2


Sweden – Day 2, 3

On the Sunday morning, I got the train from Oslo to Stockholm, it was a nice journey, lots of nice scenery, both in Norway and Sweden. Landscape and scenery wise, both countries looked similar, but thats to be expected, not unless you know what to look for.

Nice though the views were, you needed other things to keep you occupied, whether that be listening to music on my mp3 player, reading magazines, or doing endless crossword/sudoku puzzles. While on the train, I got to see in the distance, what I thought was the old Saab factory. I felt it was a waste, a factory just sitting there, that could provide employment to many people for the local area.



The pictures I took kind of show what look like some cars that look as if they have just come out of the factory, others just look like staff cars. However, I made a presumption, and was incorrect, as the Saab factory was in a completely different part of Sweden, what threw me was some Scania sign I seen not far from where I seen the unparked cars.

What I have since discovered, is that the place I seen, was called södertälje, a shipping port into Sweden, and it seems that a few car manufacturers ship their new cars to södertälje’s port.

When I got into Stockholm, it just seemed pretty vast, and very, very pretty. The weather was great too, even though having to walk around with a big rucksack was lees than ideal, considering I was too early to book into my place of stay. Still, I got to see many beautiful buildings, the architecture was splendid.

I eventually got to my hostel, then went out with a few people from there, couldn’t get into the nightclub, bouncer said I was too drunk (perish the thought, with the price of drink in Scandivavia, is it any wonder people get pre loaded?), had a drink in a bar nearby, night ruined.

The following day, I was a bit hungover, but I thought it would be a good idea ot get out and about. I visited the national museum of Sweden, it seemed very interesting, weather was still great, I actually had to find a place in the shade, as I was getting fried in the heat.

I would definitely recommend Stockholm for sightseeing, such a beautiful place, maybe not for drinking, unless you could find somewhere that wasn’t so expensive, like all cities, you have to be ready for bouncers, or at least try to pace your drinking, as they can be pernickety here. Don’t let that put you off, as Sweden and Stockholm seemed a great place, I would defintiely go back again!


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