Road trip of Ireland 1


Day 1

Athe start of 2014, I went on a road trip around Ireland. I started off on the monday, in County Down, about 25 miles south(ish) of Belfast, and headed in the direction of Waterford City.

I just followed the main route via the dual cariageways/motorways down in the direction of Waterford. The weather, although damp, was bearable, for a time, until I got across the border, and the wind blowing me (and one or two articulated lorries) onto the hard shoulder, I suppose thats what happens when you have a big backpack strapped to your torso.

I pulled into one of those garages off the motorway, for a cup of tea, and a bit of warmth, and to give the bike a bit of a break, as it didnt sound too good at the time. It went okay after that, maybe it was just the wind.

After i got around Dublin (M50 for motorbikes – toll free!) I kept heading south, but my hands were starting to get numb, and I pulled into a side road offf way to get warmed up (again). Then a guy in his pickup jeep, stopped, and offered help, thinking that I was having problems, I said thanks, I was okay, just taking a break from riding, and it was one of those moments where your faith in humanity was re – affirmed, a nice gesture, from a random stranger.


Waterford seemed nice enough, the people in the bars seemed pretty sound, they were pretty open, got playing pool with them, seemed like nice people. One of the barmen said to me, he was born in Wexford, grew up in Dublin, and ended up working in Waterford!


I got a big steak in some italian place, seemed good, I Couldnt say I seen much of it, but at least I can say I was in it.


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