Road trip of Ireland 2


Day 2

One place, that I seen on a road sign in Waterford (Dunmore East) kind of intrigued me, as it had a similar name to a townland that i live close to, but i didnt venture to it, as I had plenty more places to see, and lot more ground to cover.

I then headed down to Dungarvan, such a pretty place, even if the day wasa bit damp and dull. After that, I headed onto Mallow, not a bad spot, got a burger in it, just like any other town in Ireland, would look okay on a good day, not trying to diss it, for me it was just a place to pass through.


The roads were pretty greasy before I got to Killarney, you always had to be wary, as I met a few articulated lorries, who were fairly tramping on. Killarney was nice when i got there, it would look beautiful on a great summers day, but this was January, and my hands were froze off of me.

I got checked in to the hotel I was staying in (Castle Lodge), preceptionist was pleasant enough, got showered, then headed into town, for a bit of a walkabout, and had some salmon and chips in one of the main chippies there, it was pretty nice, (Quinlans), I would really recommend it.

Later on that evening, I got a pint in a bar, but I wasn’t in the mood for drinking so I got an early night.


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